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06-01-2018 by Allison


One of the most exciting things in starting the planning process is setting the tone for your wedding.

One of our favorite ways to do this is by using custom invitation suites. Many of our Brides choose to create a wedding suite with corresponding pieces that compliment the day, colors, and style. 

This week we asked one of the wedding industries most talented custom invitation designers and owner of The Windmill Paper Boutique a couple of questions.

{Before Sarah starts we just want to say- if you are ever in the Boca Raton, Florida area you must visit her boutique. Not only does she have an array of custom design samples from past events but she has a huge inventory of every day paper goods.}

Below is a picture of a custom suite she did for one of our very own Golden Pineapple Brides.  

 Photo by:Shea Christine Photography 

Here are some of words of wedding wisdom from Sarah:


Your invitations are the first impression guests will have of your wedding.  They set the tone of the entire day and give guests some idea of what to expect - so it’s important to have your invitations reflect your wedding style and formality.  The invitation also typically sets the look of the rest of your wedding stationery, and your day-of paper items (like place cards, programs, menus, etc.) can really bring your wedding vision to life; so it’s important to make sure your invitations represent your wedding perfectly.

When ordering custom invitations, it’s definitely best to set up an in-person consultation.  It’s difficult to get a sense of the papers, inks, and all of the customization options long-distance.  If a meeting is not possible, the next best alternative alternative is to have a consultation via video chat, and request physical samples of the inks and papers.

Custom invitations can take longer to design and produce than others - so set up your initial consultation early!  The turnaround time for design and printing is typically 4-6 weeks (but can be longer), so we recommend setting up your first meeting for invitations 5-6 months before the wedding.  If save the dates are something you’re considering as well, schedule your consultation at least 9 month in advance, or as soon as the wedding date is set!

When couples come in for a consultation, we ask them to tell us everything about their wedding.  We love to hear as much as possible about the venue, colors, flowers, style and vision for the event.  However, we do actually find it best to come with an open mind about invitations.  It’s great to have some ideas, but often, when they already have a set vision of what they want their invitations to look like, they limit themselves from finding or creating something even better.

Once we have a good understanding of the style, and the look and feel of the wedding, we'll start by pulling some designs we feel go along with the vision.  As we look at samples, we look for feedback on what they like and what they don’t, and pull more designs along the lines of what they like.  We’ll make suggestions for designs or customization options that will make the invitations truly perfect for their wedding.  We'll talk design ideas, papers, printing methods, addressing, and the little details that make the set unique.

The best thing a couple can do during this process is to be decisive and speak up!  Everyone’s style is different - and our goal is to create the perfect invitation set for each couple and wedding, so if something we’re looking at or discussing isn’t exactly what they want, it’s best to say so.

Once we have a vision for the invitations, there is a design and proofing process, during which any changes can be made - and we’ll keep revising until everything perfect.  So if a couple picks out a couple of fonts during the consultation, but don’t love them when they see them together in a proof, we can always try different combinations.  However, because the proofing process is done via email, and every computer screen varies, you can’t trust that the colors on screen will look the same as when they print - so it’s best to be sure of your ink colors during the in-person consultation!

Finally, when everything in your proof is perfect and ready to send to print, you may be anxious to order stamps so they’re ready when the invitations arrive!  However, almost all invitation sets require more than a standard stamp to mail - so it’s really best to wait for the invitations to arrive first.  We recommend taking a complete set to the post office to weigh before purchasing postage - and don’t forget stamps for the reply envelopes as well!











Thanks for sharing Sarah! We can't wait to see what you dream up with our next Golden Pineapple Bride!