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Makeup Artist 101 | Bridal Advice | South Florida Wedding Planner
3-01-2019 by Kimmy

Hello, Golden Pineapple Brides!!


The task of planning the perfect wedding never stops, and your Golden Pineapple Family is working tirelessly to help you on your way. This week, we have special insight from a wedding professional to answer your questions about makeup artists!




Ali Lawless is a professional makeup artist based in Asheville, North Carolina. She is proficient in airbrush and traditional makeup application, and everything in between. Ali has been in the biz for over six years, and she specializes in customizing her services for each different individual. She is the definition of an artist, and has a way of bringing out the beauty in every bride (or bridesmaid or mother or anyone, really). 

Without further ado, here are the answers to your nagging questions about all things makeup. 

K: Why should a bride hire a professional makeup artist?


A: A makeup artist can be a bride's best investment on her wedding day. A professional brings a full makeup kit, prepared to help each member of the bridal party feel beautiful and perfected for the big day. 


Each bride is an individual and it is so important to be surrounded by professional beauty vendors who will listen and have the knowledge to be able to give each bride exactly what she is looking for. The time on the wedding day that a makeup application is happening should be calming, relaxing, and a break from the chaos the day can bring for some.    





K: Do you have any tips for two weeks before the wedding? How soon before the
wedding should you get a facial?

A: • Please drink a lot of water! For every alcoholic or caffeinated beverage consumed, add another glass of water to your daily intake. It is the simplest way to having beautiful skin. 

Waxing or threading should be done no sooner than 7-10 days before your wedding day. You can always pluck a stray with sharp tweezers.

A first facial treatment should happen at least 6 months before the wedding. That is to make sure you find a professional esthetician and to ensure that your skin won't react badly to any treatment. The wedding day facial should happen at around 2 weeks before the big day. That will allow any toxins released to come to the surface and be gently cleansed away. 


  K: Airbrush or standard makeup?

A: When having your makeup done by a professional makeup artist, there shouldn't be too much of a difference in the overall look. The airbrush makeup I use and love with my clients is water based, non-comedogenic, has a natural finish, and wears all day and evening beautifully. It is most popular and recommended in the more hot and humid times of the year. I also recommend it a lot to destination wedding brides when their skin isn't fully accustomed to the weather.

Traditional makeup application is the other great option for a wedding day. The products and process used are different than every day makeup wear. That is another reason why a professional makeup artist should be hired for a wedding day. A bride should look in the mirror and see still herself, while the makeup will last through tears, stress, perspiration, happy dancing, drinking, and eating. 




Final Tips from Ali:

Make time slot assignments before the day of the wedding since not many bridal party members will volunteer to go first. Remember, a professional makeup application will last throughout the day and night. 

For stress reduction, take care of payments for the services before the day of, or put someone in charge of the envelopes.

Have favorite snacks and music for the room to enjoy while everyone is getting ready. Music is a great icebreaker, mood enhancer, and can keep everyone grooving and relaxed on a stressful day.

Make sure to book vendors based on skill level but also by personality compatibility. 

Be vocal about what you want! Never be afraid to ask for a different lip color, or eyeliner shade. A professional makeup artist's feelings do not get hurt. 


So, Golden Pineapple Brides, when you are in search of the perfect makeup artist for your perfect day, find someone like Ali Lawless who cares deeply for her brides. Find an artist who loves what they do, someone who is able to make you feel at peace through the moments just before you say I Do!

One last tip is to remember to say “thank you!” there is no greater gratuity than a killer review and a thoughtful thank you card to the vendors who have done so much to make your day run smoothly.

That’s all from The Golden Pineapple Family!

If you are in need of the perfect makeup artist please don't hesitate to reach out. 

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