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10-01-2018 by Kimmy

Congrats! You're ENGAGED! Now it is time to work on that wedding day bod!

Here are some tips and tricks by a current Golden Pineapple Bride who studied exercise science and was a College Athlete!

Your wedding is in a few months and you’re ready to show your friends, family, husband, and social media what a fit and fabulous bride you are! Doing simple at-home workouts is a great way to relieve some of the wedding planning stress, and encourage a calmer state of mind. You will feel rejuvenated, refocused, and relaxed when you join The Golden Pineapple Event Company in our quest for bridely fitness. Our primary focus for today’s at-home workout is biceps, belly, and butt.

Grab your bridesmaids and your most decorative workout attire, and lets work it, ladies!


For this short at home workout, we can get moving and be active in a short twenty minutes!
We will do a circuit for three rounds of five exercises with two minutes recovery between rounds. Each exercise will last for one minute.

Exercise 1: Toes out sumo squat


Exercise 2: Mountain Climbers

Exercise 3: Lemon Squeezers
These can be done from the floor as well, simply extend your feet straight and then curl your legs in by tightening your core!

 Exercise 4: Plank Walks

Exercise 5: Side Plank Dips (30 seconds on each side)

Rest for two minutes then repeat for a total of three sets!

  For me, one of the best ways to get motivated and stay light-hearted about these workouts is to wear something creative and expressive. Lauren Fleshman, an incredible track and field athlete, says it perfectly, “But a few times a week I dress with intention, to turn what’s softly playing deep inside me, up. Then, all that’s left to do is fully embody it.”

 Have some fun with your workout attire! For some ideas on fun, creative wedding workout tanks, see below:

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Tune in every Wednesday for great wedding tips and tricks from the experts at The Golden Pineapple Event Company.

Kimberly Ruch
B.S. in Health Science
Former Division I Track Athlete
Katelyn Brock- Run Fast, Stay Sane