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Songs To Captivate
10-01-2020 by Madie

Songs To Captivate

Music is so meaningful. It makes moments that much more captivating and dramatic. We have emotional attachments to certain songs for all sorts of reasons: heartbreak, love, anger, passion. One of the most important songs you will ever select is the song you walk down the aisle to. There are always the classics: Canon in D, Cello suite No.1 and so on. Although beautiful songs it is time to leave the classics in the past and truly make an entrance. These songs are some songs that are unexpected and yet will take everyone’s breath away as you take the most important walk of your life (when timed just right by your Golden Pineapple Coordinator of course).

You may need to look no further after this song:

I know what you are thinking BUT you have admit it… it is pretty magical:

A classic but make it Modern:

If you loved the Twilight Wedding:

It's Adele. No need to say more:

A romantic classic made even more dreamy:

When you want to feel like an Angel:

When you already know he loves you:

Stare into your Lovers’ Eyes:

Just in case he needs to be reminded:

Sam Smith doesn’t need a reason:

Make a smooth entrance:

Because your love is Crazy Beautiful:

You got a Lana Love:

The instrumentals. The vocals. The Romance.:

You fill my head with you:

All the things you want to say:

Forever and Forever:

There’s a little bit of everything for everyone here. Listen to these songs with your eyes closed and just imagine walking down the aisle. The flowers, the dress, the sunlight, the love of your life having eyes for nothing but you, think of it all. If you start crying… you found your song! GIRL YOU IS WELCOME ;)