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Benefits of an Unplugged Ceremony | Bridal Advice | South Florida Wedding Planner
05-01-2018 by Kimmy


Photo by: Shea Christine Photography

Benefits of an Unplugged Ceremony 

Your grandparents, neighbors, best friends, and second cousins have all come into town to celebrate your wedding. You spend quality time with them as you sip champagne at your welcome party, and conversation bubbles about those highly anticipated words, “I do!”

All is well, and you’re finally about to make your grand entrance. The guests stand in adoration of your beauty, and for a second, you feel the world stand still. Suddenly, Aunt Jackie’s iPhone camera is flashing in your face. You’re unfazed, though, and you continue your sophisticated strut down the aisle to your best friend.

When you finally face the love of your life, you turn to look at all of the people who’ve helped the two of you to this day, and you can’t help but notice noses in phones and cameras. Everyone you know has traveled far and wide to experience this great day, but they’re so concerned about capturing the moment, that they forget to be in the moment. 

Don’t let your wedding day pan out like this one.

Choosing to have an “Unplugged Ceremony” is a decision that you will never regret. This decision will allow you to share the service with your guests, and not be worried about distractions during the most momentous monologue of your life. Surely, you’ll have hired a photographer (or designated a special person) to memorialize your ceremony, and you can trust their expertize.

“From a photographers standpoint, [an unplugged ceremony] keeps the worry away of your guest ruining the photos you paid so much for. Also it keeps your guest actually involved in your wedding. We see all the time just a sea of phone and tablet screens in a dimly lit church and you can just tell the guests are more concerned with capturing it on their phone or tablet instead of really being there and a part of the day.”

–Chris Kruger Photography

Photo Credit: Chris Kruger Photography

Your ceremony is for intimate, in-the-moment time with your guests, while your reception is the time for amateur photography. Don’t feel badly for requesting a phone and camera-free ceremony, (it’s one of the perks of planning every detail of your day). If you feel nervous about making this type of request, consider asking your wedding planner to step in and tactfully intervene. A wedding planner is experienced in handling these potentially taboo conversations, and you can rest assured that no one will feel slighted. ( 

There are also a few DIY signs you can make to communicate your wish to your guests.

Link to artwork

Link to artwork

As a thoughtful thank you to your cooperative guests, you can get printouts of your “I Do” or first kiss photos and include them in your thank you cards. For a hipster spin- try a cool wallet sized print out with your thank you’s (they’re all the rage). So, Golden Pineapple Brides, I hope this post has opened your eyes to the benefits of having an unplugged ceremony. “When you’re here, be here,” is my catchphrase. Help your guests to (have no choice but to) be here for you.