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What to Expect When You're... Trying on THE Dress | Bridal Advice | South Florida Wedding Planner
08-01-2018 by Kimmy


Shopping for your wedding dress is a tango between expectations, oversized and undersized fabrics, and eventual bridal bliss. I often wish that I had a playbook to go by for my dress fittings, especially when my initial fitting was a downright disaster (i.e. sweating and saying the words tacky and awful to the owner…stress happens when you’re squeezing into tiny expensive lace body suits).  I know better than most that there is a simple list of must-do’s to make the most out of the experience.
 1. Have an idea of what you like.

I know, this is a no-brainer! Some people spend their lives searching pinterest and bride websites for the perfect dream dress. Notice: I did not say, “Come to the bridal salon with your dream dress in mind” because often times the  dresses are much different in person than in photos. In fact, more often than not, you will leave with a dress that surprises you! In my case, I came in with an overly open mind. The options for bedazzled, massive, form fitting, and lacey dresses are endless, so its important that you have a general idea of what you like and what you don’t. Narrow it down to one must have feature, like a low back, or some big “definitely not’s” like strapless or too-tight-to-walk.
2. No Pressure!

I decided in late July to have my wedding in December. If you speak to any bridal salon, they will explain that there is “just no way” to get a dress three months before your wedding. This is where moms and friends come into play. To these negative comments about timeline issues, my mom responded she could pay an expedited shipping fee (only $100) and the salon suddenly had any gown we wanted just in time. Most importantly, take as long as you need to find the dress that makes you feel beautiful. Don’t worry if that takes you multiple trips or unreasonable amounts of dresses; everyone in the bridal industry is more concerned with your happiness than the extra hour or five that it takes to get you there.
3. Consider the Comfort.

Fashion over function is my motto for a lot of life experiences, but on my wedding day I know that I want to be concerned with how blessed I feel to be with my loved ones marrying the most patient, charming, and devilishly handsome man on earth, not how my legs cant move when I’m walking. While you’re in the shop, lift up your arms to be sure you’ll be able to hug your husband, walk around the fitting room to get a feel for the dress, do all of the funky things you need to do because you’ll be spending a very important day of your life in this garment!

 4. Logistics:
Foundation and face makeup can be a major problem with these white dresses and tight squeezes. Try to go without the makeup for the day for the sake of the stress. Be sure you wear nice nude underwear for the fitting, since the bridal attendant is no stranger by the end of the whole experience. Eat!!! Don’t be a hangry bride! Your friends and bridal attendants will thank you if you can keep a clear head through your fit session. Don’t let hunger cloud your manners. At the end of the day, lets keep our eyes on the prize, ladies! 

My story: My first dress experience was horrendous. For starters, I was so hungry and stressed about my timeline. 20 dresses later, I didn’t love anything, so I went home to eat and sleep on my decision. I knew they could all “work” so it was just a matter of deciding which to choose.
The next day, I tried on Anne Barge’s Versailles dress and fell in love with the idea that I would be a winter bride from a magazine, until I saw the $7,000 price tag! (YIKES- but worth it if you saw the dress on.)

That night, I went online and found BHLDN, which is a bridal line affiliated with Anthropologie and Free People. I knew when I saw their reasonable prices that I could see myself loving those dresses as much as any other designer dress. To top it off, BHLDN dresses ship in 5 days and are true to size (minimal alterations!!). Check out some of their dresses here: Pretty dresses 


I am ordering my dress this week (YAY), and you’ll have to wait until December to see which beautiful BHLDN dress I chose! 
Whether you decide to wear a ball gown or mermaid cut, shop at a bridal shop or shop online, buy the designer gown or get the bargain, The Golden Pineapple Event Company is hoping for your happiness and stress-free engagement period. We love to see happy brides, clients, and Facebook friends, so share your tips on wedding dress shopping for the betterment of the bridal community.

Tune in next Wednesday for some great ideas for bouquet alternatives for the unique bride!