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Spoiling Your Maids | Bridal Advice | South Florida Wedding Planner
07-01-2018 by Allison

From getting ready in matching floral robes to hand-painted personalized beach baskets, there is nothing that our Golden Pineapple Brides wouldn’t do to spoil their Bridesmaids. 

One of our favorite ways to show your girls how much you care is by gifting them with a beautiful, very thoughtful, customized bestie box like the one you see below by Malissa Rathgeber, owner of That’s Darlin’.

 We found Malissa through her dreamy Insta feed and instantly fell in love.

We asked Malissa to give us some advice for our newest Golden Pineapple Brides. 

Yay!! Throw the confetti and drink all the champagne, you are engaged! It's your day, your time to shine... You know there is no way you could achieve Bride-Awesomeness (Yes that is a word!) without the help from your nearest and dearest girlfriends. And now it's time to show them how much you appreciate them sitting through all those dress fittings, late night panicky texts and the hundreds of Pinterest notifications. But seriously, isn't wedding pinning the best?!

 When I am working with a Bride on her custom gifts we always start with ways to incorporate some of the weddings theme into the gift design. If your wedding is designed around Seashore Chic, then this could be a great way to add some items that will tie into this theme. Even if your wedding does not have a specific theme, you can also work with-in the color palette.  This is a nice way to introduce them to the days  

Another way to make your Bridesmaids gifts extra special would be to treat them to a few of your favorite things. Do you absolutely adore citrus smelling candles, rose scented sprays or light and airy scents?  When you share something on a personal level, they are sure to think of you and be reminded of the Best Day Ever, each time they use the item.  


No matter which direction you decide to take, you can not go wrong when there is thoughtfulness and love poured into the process. This is something that is evident when you want to share your heart through customized gifting. It's not always about the product, it's more about the thought, the effort, the love. The items that make up the gift while greatly appreciated are a just a bonus to how it will make her feel. All tied together with a pretty bow no less! 


That’s Darlin’ photos by: Love & Light Photography