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Let's Talk Wedding Traditions
01-01-2021 by Madie


Hello Golden Pineapple Followers!

Wedding traditions can be tricky. Mostly because you more than likely have a (dare I say…) older more wedding traditionalist in your ear. Although some typical traditions carry sentimental value, others are considered outdated and unnecessary. It really depends on your overall idea of your wedding day. Are you super tradition and want all the extras? Are you a modern bride, who just wants to live it up on your day? Or are you happy mix? It is all individualized!

Here are just some wedding traditions that in my opinion, can be left in the past or may need some updates:

1. If you were invited to their wedding, you HAVE to invite them to yours.
Although the traditional thing to do, it is unrealistic in my eyes. As wonderful as it is to be invited to a friend’s/distant friend’s wedding, it was their choice to have you there. Invite the people you want there, its as simple as that!

2. A Bride has to wear white.
When you think of a Bride, I am sure most people think of a person in a white gown. It is ok not to conform to everyone else’s idea of a Bride. If you are a bright and colorful person and have a different definition of “bride” than a traditionalist does, then you do you boo! A white dress does not define a Bride.

3. You can only have a certain amount of wedding colors.
WHO CAME UP WITH THAT, I NEED TO KNOW! Your color palate can have as few or as many colors as your heart desires. Be sure to find a designer who can help give you what you want!

4. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Blue.
Here is where it can be tricky, this is as traditional as a Bride wearing a white gown and could carry sentimental value to some. You do not need to have all these things! If one of these means more to you than the others, then stick with it! In personal experience, I have only seen a few Brides have all four.

5. You need to have a ceremony program.
BUT WHY? This is one of those things that I never fight people on as they will in fact go to waste. If you do have them it can be for a nice keepsake but just now you and your mom will be the only ones that keep it. OR after glancing at it, your guests with use it to cool themselves off on a hot day. I would recommend a beautiful fan over a program any day.

6. Pick a side. Bride or Groom?
How confusing for those guests who are friends with you both! When you get married you are bringing two families together; so why separate them at your ceremony?

7. Bridesmaids should wear matching dresses.
No ma’am. Bridesmaids dresses are a great way to incorporate individual style and texture into your wedding day! Do not be afraid to mix shades and patterns. It will make for great pictures!

8. You have to have a Flower Girl and Ring Bearer.
This maybe next to impossible for some. You may not have little nieces, nephews, godchildren and so on in your life! Plus, you maybe have a childless wedding, then the parent has to find alternate accommodations for the kid after they play their part (this happen to me as a kid and I am still butt hurt I didn’t get to go to the reception). Try having someone else play these roles or don’t have them at all! I have seen some adorable grandmas play the flower girl or even the most outgoing Groomsmen.

9. You should exchange Marriage Vows.
Its 2021… do I have to explain this one? These are the vows you are making for life with your partner. Make them yours.

10. Bouquet Toss, Garter Removal and Garter Toss
These are some of the most traditional formalities and really depends on the couple whether to do them or not! Bouquet tosses are a fun way to get everyone involved. You can choose to have just the single ladies up there or open the floor to all single/engaged people for extra fun! The garter removal and toss is tough. If you are a super outgoing couple and can have more fun with this, then do it! If you know you or your spouse is on the shy side- its better to not make it awkward and just not do it.

11. You have to cut the Cake.
People will not be bothered if you do not cut your cake! This is again a traditional act that people are conditioned to think, makes a wedding. It is a formality that is not needed unless you want it! You can also choose to have the cake cutting announced or not.

12. You have to save the top tier of your cake.
It is considered good luck to eat a piece of your wedding cake on your first anniversary. There are plenty of couples who do not do this and they are doing just fine. Although this can be a fun way to relive your wedding day with your spouse! If eating year old cake freaks you out, feel free to contact your bakery and ask them to make a one tiered mini cake using the flavors/fillings you had on your wedding day.

13. You can’t see each other before the ceremony.
Again this varies from couple to couple. I always will recommend doing a first look. It is more intimate and will be a moment you actually will remember forever. I wrote an entire blog post dedicated to this a few months back. Take a look!

14. Bridesmaids are female, Groomsmen are male.
You can have whoever you want standing next to you on your wedding day. No matter the gender.

15. You have to have wedding favors.
Wedding favors are a straight up waste of money. They almost always get left behind, unless it is alcohol. Anything with your date or name on it will end up in the trash or left behind. Unfortunate but true! Better to reallocate that money towards guest overall experience.

So what kind of Bride are you?  Super traditional, modern or a little bit of both? There is no wrong answer! It is your wedding and you get to customize it to you and your partner’s preferences!