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Real Life Advice for the Perfect Engagement Photo Session | Bridal Advice | South Florida Wedding Planner
12-01-2018 by Kimmy

Guide To Engagement Photos

Engagement photos. In a world full of important expenditures like a great DJ or perfect venue, it is easy for an engagement photo session to fall to the wayside. However, the best brides know that this short photo shoot may very well be the one thing standing between you and photographic bliss on your wedding day. Aside from having great photos to look back on for years to come, you will also have an opportunity to rid yourself of those pesky plastic smiles and awkward arm placements on your big day.

Tip 1: Your neighbor with the Nikon won’t cut it.

Photo by: Chris Kruger Photography 

Ask the photographer that you will be using for the wedding if they offer free engagement sessions. If you get a great one like I did (shout out to Chris Kruger at Chris Kruger Photography), then you will have a dreamy, fun-filled, and cost-effective shoot. At first I was skeptical about doing this photo session because I, frankly, did not care about having engagement photos (how naïve!). Chris calmly explained to us that he would use this time to learn how my fiancé and I interact with each other, what poses we are most comfortable with, our best angles (every angle…obviously), and for him to get to know us more. After a two-hour camera-flashing party, we knew we had made the best decision to not only get to know our photographer better, but to get to know our awkward selves better.

Tip 2: Fake it ‘til you make it.

Photo by Chris Kruger Photography

My life goal in this whole ordeal was to have our photographer tell us how much chemistry we had and how perfectly photogenic we were, but, let’s face it- unless you’re Jennifer Aniston, being photogenic takes practice. That closed-mouth smile is an art, and with some practice you, too, can look effortlessly ethereal. Simply keep a positive attitude in spite of the staring bystanders, and your photos will be a sight to see.

Tip 3: Alcohol.

Photo by Chris Kruger Photography

 Now, I am not advocating six cocktails and a bottle of celebratory champagne, but a single adult beverage is a wonderful way to “take the edge off.” My fiancé and I made a great date out of the night. We ate homemade peanut butter and jelly in the car just outside of our engagement photo venue because I unfortunately learned my hangry-bride-to-be lesson during my dress shopping time. We hung out and laughed and talked and enjoyed each other so that we were totally calm before our photographer got there. We got past the awkward, forced nature of the whole encounter, and focused on each other. You really have to get out of your head in order to have a productive session.

Not only will tip 3 help with your mental roadblocks, but it will be a stepping-stone for the 4th and final tip…

Tip 4: Relax those fingers/shoulders/terribly straight knees.

Photo by Chris Kruger Photography

 The goal in these photos is to look candidly in love, not uncomfortably posing for junior year prom! Your photographer is a professional, and she/he should be able to bring your attention to these unnatural faux pas before they’ve made their way into the permanence of all that is Instagram. Your haters will be looking for these subtle flaws; so don’t give them the satisfaction. Relax into your partner, and try to think of this as a highly documented date where the two of you look pretty in front of pretty places. Your single job is to have fun, be in love, and enjoy your day, so don’t complicate it! Talk with your photographer about which poses feel forced, and then they will be able to better tailor your wedding day experience. Your wedding day is not the time for experimenting, so you will be glad that you have this time under your belts.

Most of all, enjoy. 

Photo by Chris Kruger Photography

Enjoy the little steps toward the big day because before you know it, you will be thinking back to that one time on Palm Beach when it rained on your fiancé’s grey suit and your hair was a mess and the lady with the dog told you that you would have a happy marriage. You will admiringly remember all of those small details, and you’ll be proud of yourself for being so cool and collected in this indescribably magical time.

Share your favorite Golden Pineapple Engagement photo with us, and tell us how you got through those occasionally awkward close ups.