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Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new | Bridal Advice | South Florida Wedding Planner
09-01-2018 by Kimmy

Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new 

Weddings are all about tradition, and this whimsical rhyme allows brides to add a fun (non)traditional twist on their big day!
I am all about the quirky elements that make your wedding day yours! This poem has inspired me to have fun and express myself, so I decided to write this post to hopefully inspire other Golden Pineapple Brides to put a twist on the tradition!

Often when I ask other brides what they are doing for their something borrowed, they say that they haven’t put much thought into it, but I believe they are missing a great opportunity for self-expression!
Here are a few ideas for making the most out of the four elements:

Something borrowed represents borrowed happiness to get you through difficult times. Borrowing items from family members is a great way to have them feel a part of this amazing decision you’re making. The borrowed item is a reminder that you have people around you who love you and are willing to help you out whenever you and your spouse may need a little extra love.
Toward the top of the list of good borrow-able items is a veil. A borrowed veil is a great way to include another person in your wedding, and also a great way to save a LOT of money. If you don’t have a friend or family member with a veil, consider purchasing a high quality veil that you can pass down to others. Marie Wilson borrowed a breathtaking floor length lace veil, which was stunning in photos. Her sister-in-law was the lender of the veil, and she was so honored to see her own wedding article have new life! 

Photo Credit: Al Weddings

One of the more sentimental examples of tributes to “something borrowed” is how Allison wore a beautiful, textured gold ring that belonged to her and her hubbys’ close friend who passed away. Allison explained that having the ring with her at the wedding was a reminder of their great friendship and love for her friend, and it brought her strength and joy knowing that he was part of their day. 

Photo credit: Stay Forever Photography

Something blue is said to indicate love, modesty, fidelity, and purity- all great things for a bride on her day. There are a lot of ways to have fun with this portion of the poem. For me, I will be donning some adorable blue velvet shoes, found here

And since the September birthstone, sapphire, is a beautiful deep blue color, brides can even throw in one of these precious stones to their wedding band for a fun pop.
Allison, the wedding-planning guru herself, attached her grandmother’s ring on her bouquet:

Photo Credit: Stay Forever Photography

And let’s not forget the princess herself, Kate Middleton, with her sapphire engagement ring. The color blue is symbolic of royalty; so don’t be afraid to bring out the sapphires! 

Something Old
This piece of the poem provides a great way to pass down family heirlooms that are sentimental for the bride, like a family heirloom jewelry piece.

I chose to use my mother’s dress for this portion. My parents have been married for 27 years, and their commitment to one another is inspiring for my fiancé and me. I love the idea of celebrating her wedding day within my own day. Since my mother was 90 pounds when she got married, and there is absolutely no chance that I could actually wear her dress, I got her permission to disassemble her lace dress and use sections of it. I have cut sections of the antiqued lace (sorry mom, I know I shouldn’t use the word antique), and asked my florist to wrap it around my bouquet. Between my hands I will be clutching a symbol of the commitment that made me who I am today, and a commitment that I am looking to emulate from this day forward

Photo credit:Etsy

Something new is representative of the new bond and love that you and your spouse have created. You have a new covenant of marriage, and that deserves to be celebrated! Now, this is the cheater part of the poem where you can really use anything for your “something new” because you’ll most likely have a new dress or new wedding band, but lets think outside the box, ladies!! Choose an item that can become sentimental to you, and that you can one day pass down to someone special for their own “something borrowed” or “something old”.
Wedding queen Allison Lewis used a gorgeous headpiece. Her choice will not soon go out of style, and is a great heirloom to pass down.

Photo credit: Stay Forever Photography

If these ideas are a little out of your comfort zone, or you just don’t have time to get all of the necessary articles, consider doing a simple DIY pin.

Check out this link for a simple DIY for this adorable one-stop-shop pin!! 

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