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01-01-2019 by Kimmy

 Ask the Experts:

Wedding advice is the best advice. When you’re planning your big day, it is a good idea to have advice from seasoned veterans. This week, I decided it was time for some quality Q&A. I asked my sister in law, a recent bride, and Allison Lewis, an incredible wedding planner, a few questions on the small details of planning a wedding.

First I asked about centerpieces: How do you know what size to buy or DIY?

Allison responds, “I say a mixture of both tall and small- I love walking into a reception room and seeing dimension. Tall centerpieces have a beautiful elegant feel that you can't deny but when it comes to the shorter centerpieces you have the feel of an intimate dinner party. I say mix them up to get the perfect feel!”

Marissa adds to these ideas with the thoughts, “If you are going to be in a larger space with larger tables, choose a taller centerpiece; if you are going to be in a smaller space, choose a shorter centerpiece. If you choose smaller, short centerpieces and the reception is in a ballroom, the centerpieces will look that much smaller in respect to the room and table size.”

In short, consider the size of your reception space when choosing your centerpieces. If your space is smaller, then smaller arrangements work well, but if it is larger then go for a mixture to achieve the perfect aesthetic. 

Photos by: Shea Christine Photography

DIY or hire someone? I asked both girls which special piece could be an easy DIY, and here are their responses:

Allison says, “It depends on what you are looking for- signage, welcome boxes, and favors are typically what most brides stick with but it just depends on your style and how creative you are and how much time you want to spend. Before deciding on DIY vs. hiring someone, price both ways out and add how much time it will take to DIY - you would be surprised to see how many things are actually less than DIY. Plus you will save a ton of time!”

Marissa explains, “With the exception of invitations, I think anything printable is an easy DIY. Just make sure you get a paper cutter from Hobby Lobby or Michaels! Just because something is a DYI project doesn’t mean that it should look like you did it yourself; make everything look professional.”

The best takeaway from these two tidbits is to really evaluate the amount of time and money you are willing to spend to do a DIY project. If you love to homebrew, and you want to give special DIY wedding favors, then that is a creative, special DIY.

Photo by: Shea Christine Photography

Wedding favors, yea or nay?

Allison’s opinion is: “Guests absolutely LOVE things they can grab and go- the sweet sentimental favors are traditional but make sure if you are spending money on them to give out things people will use and enjoy. If you are not including a late night snack at your reception send your guests home with a boxed donut or even a slider and fries! They will love you for it!”

Marissa agrees that an edible gift is a great option, “Give something guests can either eat or actually use; don’t give them some useless trinket they are going to throw out. Coozies, bottle openers, or any edible treat is a great idea.”

Basically, give something that people will use, and don’t waste your time and energy on something they might just throw away once they get home.

Photos by: Stay Forever Photography

 Finally, Allison weighs in with her expert advice on how hiring a professional can make all of these details much easier.

Allison explains, “Well- as a bride you don't want to worry about the small things - like if your DJ is running late or if your flowers are the wrong color. We deal with these kind of things all the time so nothing phases us anymore. We think quickly to get the problem solved so you and your family can truly sit back and enjoy your day.” 

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