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Weddings are for the Boys.
05-01-2020 by Madie

Weddings are for the Boys.

Hello Golden Pineapple Followers!

This blog post goes out to all the Buds and Brothers who have been crowned the Best Man (BM)! This role is super important but if we are being real they do not have too much to do pre wedding. The Wedding Day is the Best Man’s time to SHINE. If your BM has never been a BM/Groomsman before, they may not be aware of what it entails. Here are our top tips to being the BEST Best Man around:

Pre-Wedding Duties:

Provide moral support when it comes to purchasing the Ring: He may have not asked you to be the BM yet but chances are your Best Friend will ask for your help. He will be anxious, it is a big purchase and he will constantly be thinking “What if she says no” (whether he admits it or not). Be his voice of reason!

Be a Leader: Once you have been made the BM, first thing to do is introduce yourself to the other groomsmen. If you are all local, arrange for drinks with the Groom. Breaking the ice with the guys will make pre-wedding activities easier and it will make day of way more fun!

Coordinate Formal Wear: Your buddy will more than likely ask for your advice when it comes to what to wear. 9 times out of 10, the Bride will have a good idea of what color suit will work best with the wedding. Ask her what she was thinking and guide the Groom to an option everyone will love! It is also your job to ensure all the Groomsmen order their tuxes ON TIME and schedule/actually attend their fittings.

Be his Friend: Obviously you are already super close but planning a wedding can be stressful for the guys too. Whether it be money or a disagreement with the Bride, be supportive throughout it all.

Plan the Bachelor Party: It is important to ask the Groom what he wants. He may not want a blackout party in Las Vegas, even if all the guys do. Ask the Groomsmen if they have a budget, relay the message to the Groom and take it into consideration.

Make Yourself Available: Let your Groom know that you will be there for it all. That will really show how much you care! Offer to help plan the Engagement party or Rehearsal Dinner. Something that the Bride and Groom will LOVE is if you offer to help out with set up for the Bridal Shower or Rehearsal Dinner.

WRITE YOUR SPEECH: It is imperative to start your speech early. Don’t go overboard on the roasts and jokes, tell everyone why you are there and make it clear as to why he picked you as his BM! And for the love of all things, practice makes perfect.

Wedding Day Duties:

Get Ready with the Guys: Have all the guys together all day. Coordinate brunch, music, video games/football to pass time and grab some beers! Be the point man for tying bow ties- YouTube is a great resource!

Keep to the Schedule: If a timeline is provided, it is your job to make sure all the guys are on time at all times; it will ensure that the day goes smoothly. If the schedule says be dressed and standing in the west far corner of the front lobby at 2:30pm; it is your job to make sure that everyone is dressed, ready and standing in the far west coroner of the lobby at 2:25pm.

Hold the Wedding Rings: I don’t think this needs much explanation but check for holes in your pockets first. Guard them with your life and please, please, please don’t loose/forget them.

Pose for Pictures: Yes, guys we get it… you do not love taking pictures but literally no one cares. Talk to all the Groomsmen prior to the photos and explain, it is not their day. These pictures are important. They are memories. The only thing that will prolong the process is any and all of them complaining about it. #sorrynotsorry

Sign the Marriage License: Make sure you sign the Marriage License as a witness; without it they aren’t actually married!! Some will sign after the ceremony but from experience, signing it at the Rehearsal and keeping it in a safe place for the rest of the wedding weekend is the key. If you feel up to it, offer to keep it in your room and mailing it in.

Plan a Stellar Grand Entrance with the Maid of Honor: The Bridal Party typically makes a Grand Entrance with the announcements from the DJ. Make it FUN- se the tone for the party that is about to come. I will say however, take into consideration that their parents, grandparents, nieces and nephews are watching; keep it PG-13 at the least.

Make Sure Everyone East: Kind of an odd one but it is important that you keep an eye on the Groom with this. Pre-Ceremony he will be nervous and may not want to eat; make him. It will be a long day and he needs to take care of himself in order to go all night long! At the reception, make sure he eats! Typically, after dinner the party pops off. He will be too busy to even think about eating, think for him!

SLAY THAT BEST MAN SPEECH: As part of your pre-wedding duties, be ready for this! Practice prior to the go time, it will take a lot of pressure off of your shoulders. Please ask the Couple if they want it printed; reading off of your iPhone isn’t the best for photos/videos. When you do print it, print multiple copies! You can slide a copy into the card box as a keepsake for the Newlyweds!

I hope this helps you become the BEST Best Man you can possibly be! You are clearly a huge part of the Groom’s life and he wants you to be a big part of his day, so show him equal love! I am sure he and his Bride will appreciate all your time and will do same the for your Wedding! If you have any questions at all on being the Best Man, we are here for you! Follow and message us on Instagram, @golden_pineapple_events!