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To Our Valued Golden Pineapple Friends
03-01-2020 by Madie

To Our Valued Golden Pineapple Friends,

What a surreal year this has come to be. We genuinely hope that everyone is staying healthy, positive and generous in their day-to-day activities. I am not sure that any of us thought it would come this far but evidently here we are. Our hearts are breaking for our brides, couples everywhere and our incredible friendors (Vendors who are Friends). We will be working vigorously for the next few days to prioritize our more immediate weddings. All we can do is adjust to the situation as it continues, hope for everyone’s health and find the silver lining in everything we do.

For any couple out there who hope to wed in 2021, NOW IS THE TIME to start planning! As the current 2020 wedding dates change, the opportunity for 2021 Weddings decrease. Use this down time to find your venue, book those vendors and find your planners! We will be offering $250.00 off all of our packages to any new couples who book for 2021!

We are here for ALL OF YOU! As a community we will come together and make your events happen. Please call, text, dm or email us at anytime for ways we can help! We can not wait to get to our Weddings and seeing all our beautiful couples.

Before we know it, all of this will be nothing but a memory. 

Sending love and health,

The Golden Pineapple Event Company