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My Wedding is in the Middle of a Pandemic... Now What?
04-01-2020 by Madie

My Wedding is in the Middle of a Pandemic... Now What?

Hello Golden Pineapple Followers!

This blog post goes out to all COVID-19 Couples! First of all, our hearts hurt for all couples effected by the current health crisis. This is clearly not an ideal situation but we are here for all of you. More and more Couple’s are taking the advice of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and are limiting group gatherings because of COVID-19. Our biggest piece of advice is: postpone, do not cancel. The good news is, by rescheduling your Wedding you are doing your part to keep EVERYONE safe. National guidelines were released and from there it is up to the state/county you are getting married in. We had weddings in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm and The Keys, all through out March, April and even June; but due to non-essentials businesses being ordered to close with no end date in site, we had to reschedule all these weddings.

If you do not have a Golden Pineapple Wedding Planner to help you out, here are some key guidelines to help you postpone your Wedding Day:

Pick a New Date:
First thing to do is pick a new date. You may want to have a few dates that you have in mind just incase the venue doesn’t have the specific date available. Once you and the venue pick a date, sign a new contract.

Let Your Vendors Know ASAP:
Once you have a new date, ask the rest of your vendors if they are available for that date! Be prepared for maybe one vendor to not have the date available. They already have dates scheduled for 2021 and all of 2020, now on top of this they have most of their 2020 weddings rescheduling. Please be patient with them. Keep in mind that they are small businesses too, who currently have an influx of calls, emails and texts. They are doing their best! Thankfully most Vendors are being super understanding of the situation at hand. We have had a lot of luck with some incredible vendors who have waved any fees for date changes.

Inform Your Guests:
Best way to put the information out there first is on your Wedding Website! If you had to postpone, chances are the save the dates or invites have already gone out. If only the save the dates have gone out, you can send out another round with the new date! One of our couples sent out the cutest “Same Couple, Same Place, New Date” and said formal invites to follow (pictured below). If you have already sent out the Invites, you may want to send out a similar New Date “Invite”. There is no need to send out the entire invitation suite again. A simple invite that coordinates with the original style of your suite will be just perfect (just like the photo below). An extra post on social media with the new date will help spread the word, even before the new date notice goes out!

It is Okay to be Sad:
For real though… it is ok to be upset. You put a ton of work into the original date and you may have been really close to the planning finish line and it all changed unexpectedly. Of course there is a lot going on right now and you may feel guilty about being sad but again this is okay. It is 100% understandable that you are disappointed, it is important to acknowledge our feelings. Share these feelings with your partner, Maid of Honor and family. We are all in this together!

Celebrate Your Original Date:
It is inevitable that the original date will come… be positive about it! Celebrate the day! Have a bottle of champagne ready to go, make plans to cook a special dinner with your fiancé and snuggle up for a game or movie night! 

Again, our hearts go out to all the couple’s out there who’s wedding has been directly effected by this world wide crisis. No one ever thought it would come to this but here we are. Stay positive, stay healthy and remember we are all in this together.  If you have any questions at all, we are here for you! Follow and message us on Instagram, @golden_pineapple_events!