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Be a Maid of Honor
02-01-2020 by Madie

Be a Maid of Honor. NOT a Maid of Horror.

Hello Golden Pineapple Followers!

This blog post goes out to all the Besties who have the honor of being a Maid of Honor (MOH)! Many Brides out there have a vision for their big day and it is part of the MOH’s duties to assist the Bride in making her dreams come true (other than her super fun Golden Pineapple Planners)! If you have never been a MOH/Bridesmaid before, you may question what you should offer to help out with or what being apart of the Bridal Party even entails. Here are our Top 10 Tips to being the BEST Maid of Honor and not a Maid of Horror (in no particular order):

1. Be Her Cheerleader
There are so many decisions to make when it comes to planning a wedding. Brides can and will find themselves overwhelmed with color swatches, flatware samples and so much more. It is so important that you be enthusiastic of her choices and offer a second eye for design. SUPPORT YOUR GIRL! All of her decisions may not be exactly what you would choose for your wedding BUT just as reminder, it is her day!! Picking out her wedding dress is one of the most exciting and daunting tasks in the wedding planning process. It is a costly purchase and being the center of attention puts even more pressure on her. Make sure to be the leader; speak with the other bridesmaids about being on the Bride’s side. You never want your friend to think she made the wrong decision when it comes to her own dress!

2. Be Honest
Sort of odd step to follow the “Be Her Cheerleader” but, it is important to gently voice your opinion if you feel it is necessary. Most Brides expect you to be honest with her and as the MOH any tough conversations brought up by the rest of the Bridal Party, may land on your shoulders. Be kind if she asks for your opinion on her color story or any rentals she may have picked out. You can actually say you hate something in a respectful, positive and constructive way. Even when you hate it, you could say that you love her idea/you see where she is going with it but then make a suggestion for another option! This is so important to remember when your Bride selects the Bridesmaids dresses. If everyone is on the same page about disliking the dresses, you must tell the Bride as soon as possible. Be diplomatic about, gently explain some of the key issues that could occur with the dresses and then show her some other options that are similar but different enough to fix the problem. You could say that the style clashes with her dress/the style may not compliment everyone’s figure or skin tone/it may not be comfortable for everyone after wearing it for 6+ hours; whatever the reason assure her that it is ultimately her decision and you just wanted to help!

3. Take on the Bachelorette Party
Take responsibility of this event as soon as you've been crowned MOH. Follow through with itineraries for the weekend and book fun activities for the group of girls attending. You may have heard one or two Bachelorette Party horror stories. If you are the MOH be the guiding light! Ensure the other Bridesmaids that it is ultimately the Brides choice as to where to go. I have heard countless stories of people not agreeing on the same place, but at the end of the day it not their Bachelorette party. For example, if the Bride wants to go to Nashville for some country loving fun but some of the Bridesmaids want to go to Miami for fun in the sun. You could gently explain why the Bride wants Nashville and suggest that they save Miami for their own Bachelorettes! I would suggest starting a group chat with the other Bridesmaids, without the Bride in it, to discuss specifics! HOWEVER, make sure to discuss budget with the Bridesmaids first. Relay the message to the Bride and I am sure she will understand if they need to rent an awesome Airbnb rather than staying at the Four Seasons.


4. Be the Go-To Girl
Soak up every last bit of information about the wedding that you can possibly handle!  Make sure to be the one that relays any important dates, times and events to the entire Bridal party and family members! The week of the wedding is the busiest time for the Bride so make sure that you let the Bride know you have her back if anyone has any questions. Tell the Bridal Party and Family to only text you or the Best Man with questions. The few days leading up to the wedding the Bride and Groom are probably super nervous and their phones being bombarded with texts and calls will not help.

5. Make Yourself Available Ahead of Time
Once you take on the MOH responsibilities, mentally prepare yourself for vent sessions, design meetings, dress shopping and final week of details. Block out MOH time! Wine nights are going to a must… just saying. Your Bride should let you know of any important dates she wants you there for ahead of time but it is a good idea to ask her the specifics prior to her even planning. Ask her if she wants you there for dress shopping or for meetings with the venue. This will give you a great idea of how much to expect and will let your Bride know that you are interested in all of these details!

6. Get to Know the Bridal Party
Getting the Bride and Groom’s friends and family together can be awkward sometimes. You should be the one to break the ice! Get to know everyone you can and introduce strangers to each other. The earlier you do this the better, it will make dancing the night away a lot more enjoyable!


7. Write your Speech Ahead of Time
PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT WRITE YOUR SPEECH THE DAY BEFORE OR WOSRE, THE DAY OF. You should take the time through out the wedding planning process to think about what you want to say. My best friend and I constantly say “I can’t wait to tell this story at your wedding” and we are both single and nowhere ready to getting married lol! Think back to those times, make your speech full of love and happiness for the couple! Make sure to practice your speech multiple times before reading it out loud in front of everyone. As you write your speech keep in mind, inside jokes maybe HILARIOUS to you both but nothing is more awkward than telling an inside joke and you two are the only ones laughing.

8. Let’s Talk Bridal Shower…
When it comes to the shower reach out to the Mother of the Bride (MOB) and offer any assistance you are willing to give! It would be so amazing if you told the MOB that you are here for her and you want her to enjoy the Bridal Shower and Big Day as much as possible. Let her know you are happy to take some things off of her plate! When it comes to the day of the Shower, offer to help set up or just take charge and grab paper and a pen! Be the one to jot down who gave what gifts, this will be a huge help when it comes to writing thank you letters. And this way the MOB can enjoy watching her daughter be showered! 

9. Feed the Bride and Groom
Day of the wedding there are a lot of nerves. If they do not have a planner to do this, then make sure the Bride and Groom eat through out the day! It is so important they take care of themselves, that way they can party all night long! Once they are at the wedding make sure they eat! They are paying for an amazing meal and they deserve to enjoy it too! When it comes to the obvious alcohol consumption at a wedding, make sure to be passing the Bride and Groom water after every other alcoholic beverage. They will thank you later!

10. Be her Jane in 27 Dresses
Any girl who saw 27 Dresses knows the bathroom scene. Day of the wedding, you have to be her Jane. In addition to helping powder nose or handling her touch up lip gloss, you will have to be her go-to Restroom Attendant. Your Bride may need help lifting up her dress in the stall, throughout the night…


I hope this helps you become the best MOH you can possibly be! Being the Maid of Honor is just that, honorable. You are clearly a huge part of the Bride’s life and she wants you to be a big part of her day, so show her equal love! I am sure she will appreciate all your time and will do same the for your Wedding! If you have any questions at all on how to not be a Maid of Horror, we are here for you! Follow and message us on Instagram, @golden_pineapple_events!