About Team

Kelly Ann DiBona

Event Designer/Detail Management and Wedding Coordinator
Wife, Boy Mom, Daughter, Sister, Friend

Although her parents were born and raised in Brooklyn, Kelly was blessed to be born and raised in beautiful South Florida where she spent most of her childhood on both the West and East Coast. With a tough girl mentality and a touch of southern charm Kelly can hustle in her work life and host a party like it’s nobody’s business. Kelly always had an urge to move up north and pursue a career in fashion marketing. After college she met her husband and moved to South Jersey where she followed her dreams and started her adventure as a visual merchandiser for the very well known textile brand, Coach. Eight years later and after having her first child she realized family, though only a two and a half hour flight away, is just too far for her heart to handle so she relocated back to Palm Beach County.

While one chapter closed a new one opened and Kelly found herself working alongside David Yurman in his artistic jewelry business, where she detailed the cases and windows in his local stores. “I mean who doesn’t love playing with jewels and diamonds all day?” Just two years later Kelly and her husband Christopher decided it was time to expand the family once more and they welcomed their second little boy into the world.

After her sister Allison created what was her dream “The Golden Pineapple Event Company”, Kelly lent a helping hand and from then on realized that the reward of seeing the happiness on the faces of the new happily married couples was infectious. Shortly after Kelly realized she too has a love for, well “LOVE”. Maybe it’s her inner Carey Bradshaw or creating the magical vision in couples eyes come to life, her love for family, friends and life’s blessings are just a couple reasons why. When Kelly is not helping with wedding design details she is a chaos coordinator just avoiding stepping on Legos barefoot. She lives for a cozy day at home scrolling Pinterest for good quotes and new chalk paint projects or reading a self help book with a cup of Matcha green tea at her side.

Kyle Lewis

Vendor Coordinator/ Event Management

An expert in organization and efficiency, his keen attention to detail allows for the seamless transition of a customized wedding design to its final production. Kyle’s enthusiasm, elite customer service, and passion for flawless events ensures that every Golden Pineapple wedding is an fabulous experience.