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MUST Have Wedding Photos | Bridal Advice | South Florida Wedding Planner
03-1-2017 by Kimmy

Welcome back Golden Pineapple Brides! We are here with some more insider information on wedding photos. When you hire a photographer for your wedding, they will ask for a list of your “must have photos”.

Be sure to include the names of the family members that you would like in your group photos, and try to order the list in an organized way so that the photos flow smoothly. For example, start with the bride and groom and both families, move one side of the family out, and then move everyone but the grandparents out. Work from larger to smaller groups.
If you need help with this organization process, contact, and she will use her organization magic to make your life easy!

A few additional photos to consider having on your “must-have” list are: a photo with your mom (not just getting ready), an individual portrait of yourself (again, not getting ready), and a “couples” bridal party shot.
You will have plenty of photos of your mom zipping your dress and helping you bustle, but a photo that is often overlooked is a real portrait of the two of you. You’ll want something that you can hang in your home for years to come. In the chaos of getting all of the Instagram-worthy bridesmaid photos, be sure to set aside time for you and mom.


If you don’t budget time to take an individual photo of yourself looking ethereal, then you risk losing the opportunity to have a forever photo in your beautiful dress. As brides, we are so focused on everyone having the best time, and documenting all of the important people in our lives that we might not remember to take a single shot of ourselves. Tell your photographer that this is important to you, and you won’t regret the outcome!!


Lastly, our bridal party shots can seem so ordinary and prom-ish at times. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different poses that look more natural. Chris Kruger Photography, in all of his wisdom, had my bridal party get mixed up together. This turned out to be one of my favorite photos of the day, and it looks much less rigid than the standard photo.

As a bride, you have a lot on your plate! The Golden Pineapple Event Company is here to help, and chat, and laugh, and plan by your side! Contact us for more helpful tips on photos, invitations, bands, venues, and more!

Photo Credit: Chris Kruger Photography