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Styling the Perfect China Cabinet | Bridal Advice | South Florida Wedding Planner
01-01-2017 by Kimmy

The 21st century calls for electric cars and durable, decorative dishes. Gone are the days of unreasonably dainty china. Now is the time to revamp those old china cabinets into beautiful, functional focal points. The Golden Pineapple Event Company is here to help you turn those wedding gifts into an envy-invoking display.

First thing’s first: you’ll want to take process pictures as you transform your piece. These pictures are prime for showing off to friends and sharing with Golden Pineapple.

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

If you don’t already own a china cabinet, you can find a ton of used shelves at your local thrift store. Slap on a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint  and you will be good to go. Her paint is incredibly easy to use, and it dries in minutes (for the impatient bride like myself). You don’t need a strict “cabinet” for this modern take on china display, just use an old bookshelf or even hang some wall shelves. No rules, ladies.

Here is the cabinet I used:

For my wedding, I gifted myself a full set of the Sissinghurst Castle Dinnerware Collection  I had a treat myself Tuesday and never looked back.

These dishes are extremely durable for klutzy weekday dinners, and inspiringly beautiful for those perfect Pinterest brunches.

I went to HomeGoods and grabbed a few baskets for under $15, and I took a couple of items from around the house to add some personal flare to the cabinet. My personal rule was to exercise symmetry and to keep it simple. I did not want to overcrowd my cabinet since it was something I want to use every day.

These are the three baskets that I bought to display my eight place setting dishes:

Step Two: Put on your creativity hat.

When I first told my mother that I wanted to put my new plates in wire baskets and use my English Bulldog cookie jar in my china cabinet, her inner debutant came out to say how completely Ludacris this idea seemed. Her ideas of china cabinets involve the finest china, plate holders and not a trace of a mason jar.  I knew that the greatest pieces of art often oppose common opinion, so I went with this idea and I am so happy with the outcome!

I tried the plates and bowls in each container, and I decided on the following arrangements:


My cups were not a part of this beautiful set, but they are quirky and perfect for me, so I displayed them in the shorter round basket.


Step Three: Make Necessary Adjustments

Sure, it can be frustrating that my plates, bowls, and cups are no longer in the kitchen cabinets, but my fiancé is unbelievably supportive of my creative endeavors and he simply brings the plates to the kitchen when we need them. The important thing is that my beautiful plates can see the world and the world can see my beautiful plates. If you have a wedding gift that makes you smile, display the heck outta that gift because life is too short to keep it locked away where you cannot enjoy it every minute! This is a life lesson- enjoy the things you have every single day. Whether that is something tangible like a championship ring that you keep in a safe place, or something amorphous like a word left unsaid- live fearlessly and unapologetically. Love your spouse openly, display your dishes in an inconvenient place because you love it, wear the shoes that you’re trying to keep perfect! Life is messy and beautiful and at times inconvenient, but it’s a million times more fulfilling when you aren’t afraid to be bashful.

 So, feast your eyes on my inconvenient yet great display of plates, bowls, cups, and trinkets. I hope it makes you as happy as it makes me.

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