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Honeymoon | Bridal Advice | South Florida Wedding Planner
09-01-2017 by Kimmy

HoneymoonItaly- Photo Credit: Piper Austin

Planning a wedding can be extremely time-consuming, and a wonderful way to de-stress while The Golden Pineapple Event Company works out the details, is to plan an amazing honeymoon. Allison Lewis has some incredible suggestions for destinations that range from adventurous to relaxing! With all of the detailed wedding questions you’ve had to field for the past few months, we thought we would make this part of the planning even easier for you!

When planning your honeymoon while planning your wedding, you might overlook important details. Check out the following list for a few reminders: 1. Budget, budget, budget! Depending on who is paying for the wedding, your S.O. and you may need to be careful about funds for a little while after the big day. That’s okay, though, because there are plenty of budget friendly honeymoons. A good piece of advice is to have a budget for the trip, but set aside additional money for any emergencies or necessities. Take it from Dave Ramsey; an emergency fund is your best friend!! Check out Fodor’s Guide for some great literature on hundreds of destinations. This includes average prices, important sight-seeing locations, and helpful historical tidbits.

2. Talk to your S.O.

Barbados- Photo Credit: Piper Austin

Obviously, right? But you have to talk to them about the important questions and those pesky underlying expectations. Be open and honest about honeymoon expectations. Are you planning to stay in the room for hours on end eating melted cheese and drinking wine in bed? Or are you expecting to experience the world together side-by-side in the most adventurous place you can find? My fiancé and I get along best when we are experiencing new things together- whether that is picking up a love for tennis (and consequently beating him every weekend) or hiking to the top of mount Pisgah in Asheville, North Carolina; we get along marvelously when we are “doing”. However, many people get along best when they are relaxing and resting in an island oasis or a cozy mountain lodge. And isn’t that why they make chocolate and vanilla? We all have our own tastes, but it is imperative that we talk openly about what we are expecting from a honeymoon! Communication will prevent disappointment about preconceived ideas of a “perfect honeymoon.”

3. Plan A, Plan B

There are countless blogs and books on locations around the world, and it is your job to do research on the area and have the details worked out. Even if that means you are scheduling time to do absolutely nothing, as long as you make the most out of your destination, you can’t go wrong! Consider your budget during this portion of the process. Do you have the Belize budget or the backyard budget? I have the backyard budget, and I have had the most fun working with my fiancé to find affordable, adorable hotels. We have had to consider going to a location where we can drive to and still have most of our attractions in a close range. We think that we will have a blast walking together through the city to our next adventure.  

New York City- Photo Credit: Piper Austin

The sky is the limit! You can make a little bit of money go a long way (I mean, have you seen tiny houses lately?) We made sure to plan each day of our honeymoon so that we could effectively stay on budget (and sometimes we argue when we have to decide on restaurants when it is too late), and we have also planned a second option for poor weather, or just overall “what-if’s”. Be prepared for anything and the trip will be smooth sailing.

4. Winter Destinations Need Not Be Overlooked

When you search for honeymoon venues online, many of the options involve warm, sunny islands. However, winter honeymoons are just as luxurious, and twice as cozy. For many places, winter is not as popular, so room rates will be lower, and traffic will be lighter. Even if you’re working with the Belize budget, you’ll be able to see the world during some of the most magical times of the year if you’ll consider a winter honeymoon.  

Telluride- Photo Credit: Piper Austin

There are many things to consider when planning a honeymoon. Here at The Golden Pineapple Event Company, we will help you to have the resources to plan the greatest post-wedding party in the world! Contact Kimmy or Allison with any questions, and let your imagination lead you.